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Compare our price and service. At bike shops you will pay more and get less. If all you need is a basic tune up, we won't charge you for the works. No extra travel or pickup fees that bike shops often charge. We are ALWAYS 20-40% LESS than your local shop!

We specialize in "all inclusive" basic tune ups but can repair any problems you have. Call for specific prices

These are our most common bicycle services and repairs. Please call to discuss any of your repair needs or to schedule an appointment. Remember there is a $50 minimum per visit and you must be within our service area.


Tune Ups

Basic "all inclusive" Tune Up (Road, Mountain, Cross) Includes Adjust Brakes & Headset, Adjust Cranks, Hubs, Adjust Derailleurs, Lubricate Derailleurs, Chain & Brakes: Rough True Wheels as needed (on Bike within 1/4"), Safety Inspection, Tighten All Nuts & Bolts, Check for Proper Pressure, Wipe Down Bike (Cleaning not included) 60.00
Deluxe Tune Up (Road, Mountain, Cross) Includes items in Tune Up above plus: True Wheels (on truing stand), Clean, Degrease, and Lubricate Chain and Sprocket; Clean, Degrease, Lubricate, and Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs 100.00
Super Overhaul Full Disassembly and Degreasing, Grease All Bearings, Cables and Pads; True Wheels, Clean Bike, Reassembly and with All Adjustments, Total Lubrication of all Parts (cannot be performed on site, free pickup and delivery) 199.99
Tune Up (Coaster, 3-speed, Beach Cruiser) 40.00


Install Tire/Tube - Off Bike 6.00
Install Tire/Tube - On Bike 15.00
Install Wheel - Front 15.00
Install Wheel - Rear 20.00
Install Tubular Tire (includes glue) 30.00
Install Motorized Tire/Tube 22.00
True Wheel - Front 20.00
True Wheel - Rear 25.00
Build/Replace Wheel 50.00
Adjust Hub 12.00
Overhaul Hub - Front 22.00
Overhaul Hub - Rear 30.00
Overhaul Hub - Coaster Brake 30.00
Overhaul Hub - 3 Speed 50.00


Adjust Derailleur - Front or Rear 16.00
Install Derailleur - Front or Rear 18.00
Shifter Exchange 20.00
Install Freewheel/Cassette - Off Bike 6.00
Install Freewheel/Cassette - On Bike 12.00
Install Chain (Multi-speed) 20.00
Install Chain (One-speed) 12.00
Overhaul Drivetrain 40.00


Adjust Brakes - Front or Rear 16.00
Install Brake Pads 3.00
Install Brake Set - Pair 25.00
Bleed Hydraulic Disc Brakes 35.00

Headset/Bottom Bracket

Adjust Bottom Bracket 20.00
Adjust Headset 10.00
Install Headset 35.00
Install Bottom Bracket (cartridge) 35.00
Overhaul Bottom Bracket 35.00
Overhaul Headset 35.00
Face & Tap Bottom Bracket 35.00


Install Fork 40.00
Thread Fork 15.00
Cut & Thread Fork 18.00
Straighten Fork (no removal) 20.00
Straighten Fork & Install 50.00
Install Elastomers - Suspension Fork 25.00
Overhaul Suspension (Lower Fork) 35.00
Overhaul - Air/Oil Suspension Fork 45.00
Replace Frame 100.00

Installation of Accesories
(Does not include parts cost)

Install Aerobars 16.00
Install Babyseat (customer's) 16.00
Install Bar Ends 10.00
Install Folding Basket (each) 4.00
Install Computer - No Cadence 10.00
Install Computer - With Cadence 15.00
Install Computer - Flight Deck 18.00
Install Fenders - Clip-On 6.00
Install Fenders - Standard 15.00
Install Foam Grips 12.00
Install Handlebar - Conversion Kit 30.00
Install Handlebar Tape 12.00
Install Bar Mirror 10.00
Install Rack 8.00
Install Toe Clips 7.00
Install Training Wheels 10.00

Box/Build Services

Box Bike 60.00
Build Bike - Coaster Brake 40.00
Build Bike - Mountain, Road, Hydrid 60.00



Service Area

We serve the entire Chicagoland area as noted by the green area on the map. 
Outside the area we are still available however a small travel charge may apply.

Fine Print:

Minimum service visit of $50 within service area

We accept cash, check or credit.

Call or email us Direct

(630) 426-9360