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We bring the bicycle store to you. Why lug all your bikes to the store and wait days or even weeks to get them back? We are usually available within to week to service all your bikes at one time!

Compare our price and service. At bike shops you will pay more and get less. If all you need is a basic tune up, we won't charge you for the works. No extra travel or pickup fees that bike shops often charge. We are ALWAYS 20-40% LESS than your local shop!

We specialize in "all inclusive" basic tune ups but can repair any problems you have. Call for specific prices.

$50 minimum service call : Must be within service area (see below)


Price Comparison Chart

Bike House Call
Village Cycle Center
Basic Tune up $79
Including basic wheel truing!*
NO wheel truing
NO wheel truing

Each Additional Tune Up

$60 $90 $64-$80 $80

Deluxe Tune Up

$100 $150 $105 $100-$250
Kids Bike Basic Adjustment
(single speed)
$20 without
$79 $80 $80

*On-Bike wheel truing to within 1/4"
*One free single speed kid's bike full adjustment for each one full size bike tune up performed. (20" wheels and smaller)


One free kid's bike safety check and basic adjustment for each full price tune up. NO JOKE! Many children's bikes have serious safety concerns that don't get addressed because they never make it to the shop. We want your kids to grow up loving bikes as much as you do, so let's make it a great experience for them. We want to keep your family riding together safely! (Kids bikes defined as single-speed with wheels 20" and smaller.)

Multiple Bikes?  HUGE Savings!

1st Bike tune: $79
2nd Bike: $60
4th bike and beyond $50
Fleet service available

Our Services

Full List of all minor services and prices HERE


Tune Ups

**MOST POPULAR** **Recommended yearly**
Basic "all inclusive" Tune Up (Road, Mountain, Cross)
  Includes Adjust Brakes & Headset, Adjust Cranks, Hubs, Adjust Derailleurs, Lubricate Derailleurs, Chain & Brakes: * Rough True Wheels as needed (on Bike within 1/4"), Safety Inspection, Tighten All Nuts & Bolts, Check for Proper Pressure, Wipe Down Bike (Cleaning not included), basic drivetrain cleaning as needed
Deluxe Tune Up (Road, Mountain, Cross)  Includes items in Tune Up above plus: True Wheels (on truing stand), Clean, Degrease, and Lubricate Chain and Sprocket; Clean, Degrease, Lubricate, and Adjust Front and Rear Derailleurs, Install new brake pads, (pad price not included*) 100.00
Super Overhaul  Includes all above, plus full Disassembly and Degreasing, Grease All Bearings, Cables and Pads; True Wheels, Clean Bike, Reassembly and with All Adjustments, Total Lubrication of all Parts (cannot be performed on site, free pickup and delivery) 199.99
Single speed bike Tune Up(Coaster, Beach Cruiser) 40.00


Common Repairs

Flat Repair (Install tube, tube price included) 15.00
Install Tire with new tube (tube price included) 15.00
Install New shift or brake cable (basic cable included) 15.00


Service Areas -

Chicago - We serve the city from downtown, west to Highway 355

Denver - We serve mainly within the 470 corridor as well as about 5 miles to the West, south, and North.

Outside the area we are still available however a small travel charge may apply.

Fine Print

Minimum service visit of $50 within service area

We accept cash, check or credit.

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